"Accept a Miracle."

"Accept a Miracle."
"This is a course in mind training."

How A Course in Miracles Came About - Suggested Reading

  • Absence From Felicity, Kenneth Wapnick, Ph.D.
  • Journey Without Distance, Robert Skutch

Understanding A Course in Miracles - Suggested Reading

  • "Living A Course in Miracles: An Essential Guide to the Classic Text", Jon Mundy, PhD--"Living A Course in Miracles" is a wonderful guide to both understanding and behavior, with light in our minds and love in our hearts.--Marianne Williamson, author of "A Return to Love"
  • An Introduction to A Course in Miracles, Miracle Distribution Center
  • Disappearance Of The Universe, Gary R. Renard
  • The Most Commonly Asked Questions about A Course in Miracles, Gloria & Kenneth Wapnick, Ph.D
  • Your Immortal Reality, Gary R. Renard

Living A Course in Miracles: An Essential Guide to the Classic Text, Jon Mundy, PhD

Living A Course in Miracles: An Essential Guide to the Classic Text, Jon Mundy, PhD
According to after different editions of the Course itself and Marianne Williamson’s "Return to Love" it is the best-selling book based on the teachings of A Course in Miracles.


Once I laid me down to sleep,
I gave the world my mind to keep
'Till I was taught how to awake,
and now I know the Course I take!


"Get Together"

If you hear the song I sing,
You will understand.
You hold the key to love and fear
All in your trembling hand.
Just one key unlocks them both.
It's there at your command.

-Chet Powers

Quotation from the Course

Revelation induces only experience.
Miracles,on the other hand, induce action.

-Chapter 1, II. 2:3-4

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"To keep it, you have to give it away."

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Saturday, August 29, 2009


If there is a God who is ALL in ALL
And I am His child that's true.
Am I not as complete as He
And so are you?
Why does the world give me goals
Tell me I'm less, to bow
Someday I may be good enough
And to let them show me how.
Isn't it right for me to wait
And hear my guiding Voice within
That leads me where I need to go
Because It knows where I have been.
Oh, world I see your struggle
Looking for your "ok"
And when outer authority gives you its word
You'll be labeled successful one day.
But each of us must come around
To knowing the who within
Who makes us laugh and runs our life
The energy beneath our skin.
Then we'll begin to understand
Our only boss to follow
Is our True Creator deep within
Who never left us hollow.
-Ruthann Herring 1984 from her book ,"A View From The Heart"

While practicing ACIM these poems began to haunt my mind from a place in my mind. The Voice would come through so clear, and at the same time I could not help writing them down. Kind of what I now call Inspiration. I have a rule...if I hear something three times, it is acted on. I refer to myself as the name that my body has, which is having the experience here in the physical, while being THOUGHT THRU to play out in the physical. Sometimes I forget to remember and get caught up in the body idea, and take this experience personally. Then, Voila!!!! I remember Who I AM, Who IS Doing Me, and become the Observer of my little self, the body, then I laugh! Remembering is the tool for me to be ONE WITH LIFE, a happy camper so to speak. Playing out our roles, with Spirit playing thru us. It has been said,"go about with no script, or purse". I have taken that to mean don't worry what you will say, or how you will pay, TRUST, I WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU, YOU ARE SAFE, LISTEN and FOLLOW.....Life then is lived with appreciation for the ALL.......RH

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Quotation from the Course

"I am affected only by my thoughts." ACIM

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Do We Have a Body? Are We a Body?

Yes and no. We have a body, but we are not a body. We have a body to be used as an instrument. It is a tool to be used for communication; teaching and learning.
However that is not what we really are. In reality, we are Spirit. We are Mind; part of the one Mind of God.
So let us not be confused or conflicted by this paradox. It would indeed be foolish to attempt to convince ourselves that we do not have a body. Of course we do. And the Course acknowledges this as so.
Would God deny us the appreciation of experiencing the sights of the wonders of nature, for example? Would He have us believe we cannot enjoy the sound of beautiful music?
We are all of one Mind; God Mind. There is no separation. In this sense we are obviously not bodies. We are the extension of the One Source. Everything exists as one undivided thought. There is no place for bodies on this level. This is the level of pure Spirit.
Your body is not who you are. Your mind is who you are. So, you are not a body. You are a mind; a part of the Mind of God. Do not think your mind is in your brain and your brain is in your body. Your Mind is spirit and One with God.
You have the use of a vehicle, here on earth, which is a body.
The bodies we have are separate. The Mind that we are is One.

-Don Freeman

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Quotation from the Course

"Nothing real can be threatened.
Nothing unreal exists.
Herein lies the peace of God."
-Introduction to A Course in Miracles